Choosing The Right Paint For Your Commercial Project 

When you are planning a painting project for a commercial building the right paint is essential. The most common paint used for industrial painting in Montgomery County, PA is one with a finish of semi-gloss. Paints that are semi-gloss are excellent for areas of high traffic due to their being washable and long-lasting. Choosing a semi-gloss paint will prove the better option for shiny, low-sheen paint finishes.

 What is the Best Color of Paint for a Commercial Project? 

The first thing future customers recognize when they see a commercial building is its color. The right color of paint is more imperative to good business than customer service. If a potential customer is not impressed with the building’s color, you may never get the chance to serve them. For this reason, industrial painters in Montgomery County, PA take special care of the color of paint used. 

Painting contractors in King of Prussia, PA prefer using paint with green tones, this advances feelings of success and growth. For commercial buildings that primarily focus on discounts and values, the right paint color choice is orange.

The Color of a Commercial Building Project Matters

The goal of First Place Painting is to design the precise atmosphere for your commercial building. We do this by using appropriate paint and colors to meet the needs of the business you operate. For example, if you want to give visitors a feeling of calm, we recommend painting the lobby in mauve tones. An appropriate finish for a dining hall might be a warmer tone of crimson to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Whatever vision you have for your business, our painters can make sure it becomes a reality.

What Paint is Best to Use on a Commercial Project?

Our painting contractors prefer using paint with an eggshell finish for their commercial projects. An eggshell finish is a favorite type because of its smoother, durable finish that resists stains and scuff markings. 

Contact Us for Your Next Commercial Painting Project

When you hire First Place Painting for your commercial painting project you receive the following services:

  • Expert residential interior painting services.
  • The commercial painting provides eye-catching results.
  • A professional power washing service.
  • Residential expert painting of the interior.
  • Exterior painting services of premium quality.

When planning a commercial painting project, whether an office interior, a building’s exterior, or new construction, call us. We understand the importance of how the right paint provides the precise image you desire. Call us today and schedule an appointment for us to give you an estimate on your commercial painting project. The results will make you happy you made the call!