5 Of The Best Colors To Paint Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

If you’d like to improve your quality of sleep each night, you might want to paint your bedroom the right color. Colors can affect your emotions, behaviors, and mood in different ways. 

Besides this, be sure to choose the shade that works for you. Consider a few of the top hues to paint your bedroom to promote better sleep. 


According to research, blue may be the best color to help you get the nightly rest you need. Muted blue tones can be calming for the brain. While all blue shades can create an atmosphere of tranquility, the lighter shades are more effective.

You can use blue to decorate a room that evokes ocean vibes, so you can dream of puffy clouds, blue skies, and peaceful waves. Think coastal paintings, a muted rug, and an organic lamp for extra warmth. 

Light Pink

Since purple can evoke exciting feelings of creativity and extravagance, light pink can be the smarter choice for improved sleep. Light pink is sweet, naive, tender, and non-threatening. It can also be a youthful and fun color for imaginative bedrooms. 


Although yellow might remind you of waking up, since it evokes a sense of cheer, this quality can make you feel happier in the morning. Indeed, it’s important to choose a shade that isn’t overly vibrant, such as a buttery yellow. 

Imagine waking up in a room that’s similar to a cozy little cottage with beautiful flowers on your bedside table, your cheerful yellow walls, and the smell of blueberry muffins baking in the oven. Moreover, if you’d rather not have to paint yourself, you may want to hire painters in Horsham for a professional finish. 


The organic nature of green can make a person feel peaceful, calm, and tranquil. And being reminded of nature with green can relax the mood and harmonize your spirit. Instead of painting your bedroom a bright green, it’s recommended to stick to sage green. Create a more restful environment by placing a potted plant in a corner or hanging paintings of calming nature scenes on the walls. 


Beige is special because it represents serenity, peace, warmth, and simplicity. Since white can be uninviting, sterile, and cold for a bedroom, you might want to try a warmer hue like beige. You can visualize coming home after a long day of work to your relaxing beige bedroom where you can have plenty of peace, meditate, or sleep. 

Contact A Professional

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