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In the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia, good professional painting companies aren’t hard to come by – but finding the one that’s right for your home or business can be tricky. If you’re looking to have either exterior or interior painting done in Wayne, PA and the Main Line, you’ll have a long list of numbers to call. However, if you’re looking for for professional painters to do both exterior and interior work done, that list gets much smaller.

At First Place Painting, we have the best exterior and interior painting contractors in the Main Line and Wayne, PA. Save yourself the headaches of having to find multiple contractors to give your home a new makeover by working with us. Not only do we do the most satisfactory work across the Main Line, we do it all at a price you can’t beat.

Our number one priority is that our customers are satisfied with our work. From the first time we speak on the phone to the final brush stroke, you’ll feel the difference between First Place Painting and other painting contractors throughout the entire process.

Have a great idea for color scheme and what you want your home to look like? Great, we’ll make your vision come to life in a way you may not have thought was possible

Not sure what direction to go with your new dining hall t your restaurant? No problem. Our professional painters give the best suggestions and will have your business looking better than ever.

Our attention to detail and wide variety of professional services are what makes First Place Painting stand out in what can sometimes be a crowded industry, Learn more about the services we offer below.

Expert Residential Painting

Our painting contractors are extremely versatile and can conquer any job they’re asked to do. With the ability to tackle anything they’re asked of – combined with our difference-making customer service – First Place Painting is your one-stop service for all of your painting needs.

Looking to give your home in the Main Line a new look? We’ve got you covered. We offer both exterior and interior painting services to cater to any painting need homeowners may have. We can help you create a calmer setting for the inside of your home or help it stand out on the busy streets of the Main Line with a vibrant new exterior.

Our residential painting contractors in Bucks County help new homeowners make their new living space feel more like home and have done so for years.

Best Commercial Painting Contractors

Running a business can be hard enough without worrying about a dull or fading paint job in your lobby. That’s where First Place Painting comes in. Our job is to help turn your business from boring to eye-catching and nobody does it better than we do.

Whether your business’s exterior is in need of a new look or your hoping to give its interior a warmer, more inviting feel – First Place Painting has you covered.

Professional Power Washing Services

Once you’ve got your home or business looking sharp keeping up with it can be difficult. That’s why we offer power washing services to help you maintain your new paint job – and just like our painters, our power washing services are the best around and at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a contractor you can trust, look no farther than First Place Painting. When you’re ready to give your home or business a new look, we’re just a phone call away..

Expert Painting Services in Wayne, PA

Don’t waste your time or money looking for painting companies that do both exterior or interior painting. Few offer both. Fewer still can provide the same quality of work that First Place Painting can provide. Our company has forged a reputation for itself in offering comprehensive services at great prices. Here’s why hiring the right painter matters in Main Line and Wayne, PA.

Why Hiring the Right Painter is Important

It can be pretty easy to tell a good paint job from a bad one. It can also be easy to tell a great paint job from a standard one. If you’re choosing to have your home painted, then you should invest in experienced painters who can get the job done right the first time.

Our team of painters is among the best for their skill and customer service. We don’t just paint. We do all of the preparation and clean-up afterward, too.

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