Best Colors for Different Ceilings Heights

When it comes to any room in your home, all areas need lots of special attention. This is true of your home’s ceilings. Color can make an impact and help any space feel light, bright, cozy, and warm. You’ll want any indoor house painting in Montgomery County, PA has done with attention to detail and proper consideration for color choices.

High Ceilings

A room with a nice high ceiling has a luxurious feel. Add to that feel the right kind of paint choice in your home. If you want to emphasize the height of the ceilings, go for a creamy white. That will help show off the room’s incredible detail and expansive space. Many homeowners like to find ways to bring the height of a ceiling down just a bit. In that case, paint can help. A paint color such as a soft grey helps create a welcome feel that makes the home more relaxed and a bit less formal.

Mid Range Ceilings

Homeowners who have more standard ceiling heights can go for colors that add cheer and warmth. Our professional house painting in Bucks County, PA can help you decide which colors are going to add the kind of look you want best. A ceiling can help any room feel like a cool retreat on a hot day. Go for a color that has lots of welcome cooling to it such as hunter green or a deep, rich brown. Colors that add warmth can also be used on your ceiling. A vivid shade of bright yellow is one way to keep it sunny.

Low Ceilings

Low ceilings can make a room feel like a personal retreat. They can also make the room feel a bit cramped. If you want to open up any home space, start with the ceilings. Go for a vivid shade of white to help draw the eye upwards. Consider dividing the room into two different colors as blue and green. Use blue on the walls and then stop about three or four inches from the top. Then add the green to the rest of the wall including the entire ceiling. That will add personality and lots of modern style.

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