Beyond Color: How Texture and Finish Transform Your Interior Paint Job

Adding color to a room is one of the primary reasons why people paint their walls. It makes a room more hospitable, creates a backdrop for artwork and decor, and creates a dynamic space. But you don’t have to stop after you’ve identified your ideal color. Adding texture and choosing a finish elevates your room into a space that’s exciting, interesting, and adds a finishing touch to your room’s layout.

Different tools, types of paints, and finishes enable you to transform your walls into something more. But if you’re not sure of your ability to create different textures and effects, hiring residential painters in Bucks County can help you to get a professional finish. Meanwhile, here’s a look at some of the unique finishes you can achieve with paint.

Creating the Illusion of Texture

Paint is a medium that lends itself well to mimicking different types of materials. With the right tools, paint can be layered to look like granite, marble, leather, sand, and just about any texture you desire. The end result is that of a high-end finish at a fraction of the cost. You can also have your cabinets painted in the same fashion and transform your kitchen with a professional cabinet painting job by a Bucks County painter.

How the Right Paint Finish Catches the Light

Paint comes in a range of finishes that include matte to glossy, eggshell to satin, and flat to sheen. All of these finishes represent the ability of the paint to disperse, reflect, or capture the light, with some creating a subtle texture. The right combination of color and finishing serves to create a finish that sets the mood and supports the atmosphere you’re seeking to create.

For example, a glossy finish is highly reflective and prevents color from absorbing light. If you want diffusion, semi-matte and textured finishes gently scatter and absorb the light. Flats and full mattes absorb light with little in the way of reflective properties, but this can help you place lighting around the room for the best effect.

Using Textured Paint to Create a Raised Surface

Textured paint is a type of paint that contains an ingredient that causes it to dry with a textured finish. It comes in a variety of textures that include:

  • Orange peel
  • Sand swirl
  • Comb
  • Popcorn
  • Slap brush
  • And more!

The finished appearance is that of a pattern that looks as if a certain material was thrown or sprayed against the wall when the paint was wet. It’s a time saver in that you don’t have to go over the paint with another tool or mix the material into the paint and hope it stays where you put it.

Apply Paint With Unusual “Paintbrushes”

Paint is traditionally applied with rollers and brushes, but they’re not the only ways to apply paint to a wall. Sponges, rags, textured rollers, and stamps help you create different textures with the least amount of effort.

Sponges and stamps deliver an imperfect print, and can be placed in random patterns and layers. Using rags, or rag rolling, lays down random patterns on the wall, and also lends itself well to layered colors. Textured rollers imitate the appearance of different types of materials such as leather, tree bark, baskets, stucco, and more. These tools make it easy to achieve the finish you’re seeking for your walls.

Your Walls Will Look Their Best When You Hire Professional Painters for the Job

At First Place Painting, we have years of experience painting a variety of surfaces using a variety of correct techniques. Call us today to learn more about your vision for your interior walls, and how we can make your ideas into a reality. Our team of professional painters in Bucks County are ready to help you transform your home into a place of beauty.