Paint Color Options for Rooms With Limited Natural Light

Every house seems to have at least one or two rooms that lack enough natural lighting. While sunlight helps to brighten rooms, a lack of large windows doesn’t mean your room will be drab. The right color of paint can brighten up any space, and these top colors will add some cheerfulness to your home: 

Mimic the Sunlight With Pale Yellow

If you can’t bring the sunlight in, then choose a paint color that looks like the sun’s rays. Pale yellow works beautifully in kitchens and has an inviting effect that makes people want to gather. You can also use this shade in bathrooms or nurseries to add a calm yet cheerful touch to the space. If pale yellow is too light for you, then contact our professional painting contractors in Montgomery County, PA for additional color recommendations. 

Add a Touch of Freshness With Sage Green

Sage green brings to mind the beauty of natural outdoor spaces. You can use sage green in the kitchen, where it will bring to mind the freshness of a bountiful garden. Or, you might want to use it in your bedroom, where it can have a relaxing and harmonizing effect. Sage green also works well in spaces of your home where you want to induce a sense of health and relaxation, such as your yoga or meditation room.

Inspire Romance With Blush Pink

Pink is another light color that you can deepen just slightly to keep it from being overly sweet. Blush pink is perfect for creating a romantic ambiance in your master bedroom, or to create the ideal rosy backdrop for relaxing in your spa-style bathroom. 

Embrace the Coziness With Dark Blue

While light colors tend to brighten the space, you can also play with darker hues to generate a different effect. Dark colors help to make the corners of the room seem as though they blend together, while also making the space feel calm and cozy. If you’re painting a library or home office, then ask our house painters in Harleysville how dark blue would work in your space. In some cases, we may say that you should go wall-to-wall with the color to make the room feel more like a cozy den. Or, we might suggest using the dark color as an accent wall that draws people’s eyes to the area you want to highlight.

Get Help Selecting Your Home’s Best Paint Colors

Are you still on the fence about which paint colors will look the best in the spaces in your home with limited natural light? Arrange for a professional paint color consultation with our team at First Place Painting today. You’ll love the results when you know that the colors are customized to fit your home’s unique lighting and decorating needs.