The Top 10 Primary and Accent Interior House Paint Colors Trending This Year

The colors you choose to paint the interior of your home will drastically affect the look, feel and general mood of your space. You should be careful and precise when selecting the color of your walls. It’s worth taking some time to research what you might like and what you might hate after a few weeks. After all, painting can be stressful when you do it yourself, our interior painters in Harleysville take the stress out of painting. Make sure that you are thoughtful about the accent colors you choose as well; these can brighten up your space in a unique way. With that in mind, below are 10 primary and accent colors trending this year for interior home design.

1. Hazelnut tones

Soft and robust, these tones draw a convenient line between neutral and unique. Hazelnut is like beige but far more interesting; it’s warmer and has an air of refinement that paler beiges don’t have.

2. Lilac Gray

The thought of gray often makes people think of the interior of a submarine; that is, dull, lifeless and utilitarian. But even a hint of another color mixed in with gray adds a good deal of character. That’s exactly the case with lilac gray; the hint of warmth makes all the difference.

3. Dark Greens

Deep, forest greens have taken a prominent place in the interior design world. These tones draw to mind the calming effects of nature. This color is better use for rooms that are both well-lit and spacious; they can make a smaller space appear a bit stuffy.

4. Muted Pastels

These have been in the trend spotlight for quite a while, but their simplicity to blend with other styles makes them hold up quite nicely. Blush pinks and blues can be sophisticate and calming when paired with richer tones like brass and deep blue.

5. Soft Clay

Emulating the feeling of Spanish colonial style, clay tones are perfect for sitting-rooms or libraries. They look incredible when paired with a bright, cheery yellow accent.

6. Chalk Blue

Chalk blue is a great option for small spaces; it has plenty of character and can give a space an expansive feeling.

7. Mustard

Mustard tones lend a similar feeling to clay, but with more richness. Keep accent pieces lighter with this option. It also works great as an accent color itself.

8. Mist

Mist is a deeply subtle cool color tone perfect for pairing with bold accents.

9. Pewter

A grey-metal tone, pewter works well for industrial spaces and farmhouse styles.

10. Charcoal

The all-grey or black room works in certain specific circumstances. Make sure to brighten it with the right lighting.

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