Professional Painting Basics: Residential Vs. Commercial Painting

Painting looks easy on the surface but requires a great deal of time, planning, and effort. At First Place Painting, our painters work on residential and commercial paint projects that create that long-lasting professional look for your home or business. We understand the main differences between residential and commercial needs when it comes to painting. Learn more about what our pros at First Place must do to complete your project.

Residential Painting

A residential painting job may need only one or two of our employees or a few dozens of them. Residential projects tend to have smaller teams of painters than commercial projects that may paint large multistory schools or shopping malls. Our residential painters in Bucks County can provide fast, hassle-free services that take only one day or week to complete. We understand the extra care it takes to avoid household items and to paint within your home.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting teams are generally larger because they have larger areas to cover and work with more paint. They also are under intense pressure to work efficiently and have to meet stricter deadlines, like outside of the businesses operating hours.

Our commercial painters in Bucks County can be hired to paint either private homes or residential buildings. They’re more inclined to work in large teams to complete large projects as quickly as possible. So, your room or several rooms can be painted at once and in a shorter amount of time.

However, a residential painter provides greater attention to detail and is more suitable for painting highly personalized projects. This painter is ideal for painting patterns or including other forms of wall art in your project.

When you work with First Place Painters, we will work with you to make sure your paint project gets the precision and attention it deserves. 

The Painting Process

The main steps needed to paint a home or building are similar. The first step is to examine the old paint. If it does, paint needs to be stripped off the surface completely. Next, the interior or exterior wall is washed to remove all traces of stains and loose paint. Then, use a manual or powered sander to remove any cracks or bulges and even out the surface. Repair the defects that cannot be painted over without standing out visibly. Apply filler to fill in any cracks. Apply the primer first and then the right shade of paint.

Professional painting comes with certain rules and guidelines that you must follow to do a perfect job. Our First Place Painters work for home and business owners who need high-quality residential and commercial painting services.