Trending Paint Colors For Your Home in 2024

With a new year comes new paint color trends, and this year sees the return of some old favorites plus an emphasis on nature and relaxation. The shades themselves may not be that surprising, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. These shades are not only relaxing but also reassuring. They’re mostly familiar shades that provide excellent color without being too wild. If you’ve had a few eye-opening years, as many people have, these colors may be just what you need to see.

Pantone’s Color for 2024: Peach Fuzz

One specific paint color trend is Peach Fuzz, the color chosen by Pantone as its color for 2024. If you like soft, pinkish hues that aren’t too pink, this is a good one to look into. This would be a great accent color for walls in the living room or bathroom; you could use it in bedrooms (pinkish hues used for an entire room can be a no for people who don’t want to overdo the color). This is a sunny color that would look lovely in any room that needs lighter walls when you don’t want to use white or neutral paint.

Calming Blue Shades

Blue is a calming color; the shades bring to mind the sky, the ocean, and flowers like blue nemophila and cape plumbago. Light to medium blues are especially good this year for all rooms. Cooling blues help you relax while not making rooms seem too dark. These are great shades for people who prefer lighter paint that isn’t neutral. Blues are timeless; they never seem dated. A minty blue is wonderful for bedrooms and kitchens, especially. The cooling impression that the color gives helps counter the heat you feel from cooking and helps you relax as you try to sleep.

Gorgeous Greens

Green is showing up in more and more homes, from a rich forest-like green in bathrooms and formal living rooms to lighter greens in kitchens. Green’s connection to growth and spring is energizing, though the lighter shades can also be refreshing and calming. Green shades provide lovely contrast; pair dark green with white or light green with darker flooring to give the room more space, visually. The color also connects with sustainability and the earth, which can be a nice break after the past few years of gray this and gray that. Green is especially nice paired with the next selection, earth tones and neutrals.

Earth Tones and Neutrals

Earth tones and neutrals tend to show up year after year because they’re fantastic base colors. A room with neutral paint, flooring, and furniture provides a nice, unobtrusive backdrop for colorful accents and art. While some may deem neutrals less than interesting, they’re not supposed to be interesting. They’re supposed to be in the background, blending in, allowing you to showcase other items.

As for the earth tones, you can stay toward the neutral side or head over to the accent side. Darker, warmer browns for walls can make a room very cozy; think about a library or study atmosphere. Redder earth tones like terra cotta are nice for rooms with a lot of light and white or very light accent colors.

Get a Professional Application

If you think your home could do with a new interior paint job, consider 2024’s paint color trends. When you want to find painting contractors in Bucks County or residential painters in Montgomery County, PA, First Place Painting should be your first choice. Narrow down the colors you think you might like and let professional painters help you choose the hues that will work best in your home.