Why Winter Is The Best Time To Schedule Your House Painting 

Giving your house a fresh coat of paint freshens up the space, and that extra coating can provide an important layer of protection against the elements. Most people think about house painting in the warmer parts of the year, when spring cleaning might highlight those chips and other imperfections that occur over time. While the warmer months of the year might make sense for avoiding winter weather from delaying your project, there are still quite a few reasons to plan for house painting during the cooler season.

Brighten Up Dark Winter Days With Fresh Colors

Seasonal depression tends to hit the hardest in the winter when the sun is less likely to help bolster your mood. Since you’re stuck indoors for more time, you might also start to get irritated by outdated paint colors that don’t do anything to enhance the space. Scheduling house painting in Bucks County, PA gives you the opportunity to get a fresh perspective by picking from a palate of new colors that give your home a modern look. Whether you want to paint your kitchen or living room, you’ll love the mental health boost that you get from spending time near a brighter hue.

Prep for Hosting Seasonal Events

You might not have thought too much about the faded paint in the guest bathroom until you started planning for your family to drop in during the holidays. Or, you might be eager to host a celebration during the months leading up to spring. Either way, painting is a quick project that can make your home look fresh and new whenever your guests arrive. Plus, you’ll find it much more fun to cook for your guests in a freshly painted kitchen that works with your decorating theme. 

Watch the Paint Dry Faster In Low Humidity

Ok, technically, we don’t recommend standing around watching paint dry. But, you might like to know that there is a lower risk of smudges in the wintertime since the interior walls will dry quicker with less humidity in the air. The best painters in Montgomery County, PA take pride in helping to prevent paint from getting on surfaces, and the drier air makes our job so much easier. 

Avoid Lengthy Wait Times for Your Project

Every year, we anticipate a high demand for house painting by bringing in extra experienced hands. But, we still find that trying to schedule house painting in the spring and summer can get a little hectic. Since most people are focusing on the holidays, winter painting projects tend to get done sooner when you reach out during this time of year. Being able to have us start on your project right away means you’ll have one less worry when it comes to managing your home’s springtime maintenance needs.

Contact A Pro For Your Winter Refresh

Are you ready to get a jumpstart on your winter painting project? Give us a call today, and we’ll help you pick out the perfect colors for transforming your space into a winter oasis.