Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home Before Having it Painted

Before you hire the best painters in King of Prussia to paint the exterior of your home, it’s a good idea to have the home pressure washed first. Several advantages to having this done will lead to a high-quality result from your painting contractors. A few of those reasons are listed below.

Protect Everyone’s Health

Pressure washing your home’s exterior is a good idea even when you’re not hiring professional painters. A cool, damp surface can promote mold growth on the exterior of your home. In addition to compromising the health of the painters, mold can also affect the respiratory health of your kids and pets as they play around the outside of the house.

Identify Wood Rot

Dirt and grime can cover up damage that has occurred to your home over the years or even the winter. For example, a rotted plank of wood will need to be replaced before the house can be painted. If you have more extensive damage, you may have to hire a construction contractor first. It’s better to find out about damage ahead of time so you can determine the best action to take before you hire a painting crew.

Get Better Results

A fresh coat of paint won’t stick to a surface that’s covered with dirt, cobwebs, and grime. As a result, it will not last as long. You can prevent this with a thorough pressure washing. In addition to getting rid of the dirt and debris, pressure washing will also wash away loose pieces of chipped paint. When our painting contractors arrive to start work, they will find it easier to begin priming the surfaces.

Save Money

When your painting contractor arrives to start work, they will find a freshly pressure washed home. This means they can begin scraping away old paint and applying a primer that much sooner. Since they won’t have to worry about cleaning the house as a first step, they will spend less time working on the project. In the end, this can save you several hours of labor, which is a significant expense of a house painting project.

Ultimately, a cleaner surface will help our professional Bucks County painters, at First Place Painting, provide you with the best possible results in giving your home a new coat of paint. The pressure washing process will ensure you get more value for your money, which means the paint will last longer on your home. That will help boost the curb appeal of your home.