5 Best Colors to Paint Your Living Room

The color of a room can impact it in several ways. Not only does the paint you choose set the mood of a room, it can do as much as decide the type of furniture you choose for the room as well as create a more spacious feel. This obviously makes choosing a color for the room extremely important.

While every room in your house is important in its own way, one room in particular comes to mind when determining which is the most important – your living room.

Your living room will be where you, your family and guests will spend most of your time, whether you’re just hanging out out getting together to watch your favorite television series. So, without further adieu, here is our list of the 5 best colors to paint your living room and why.


Green is a great color for your living room because it mirrors the colors of our beautiful, living world. It helps create a more natural feel in your hangout spot with a fresh and energetic vibe. This color works great with house plants and any leafy decorations you may acquire over the years. Even if you aren’t much of plant keeper, your new green walls will add that splash of life that every living room needs.


Blue is one of the most common colors used in American homes for good reason. Blue has a subtle calming effect that can be extremely valuable in a busy home. When you get home from a long day and settle into your favorite spot on the couch, a cool shades of blue will add some much needed tranquility to your living room; not too mention it has many stylistic advantages.


Painting your living room walls gray has many of the same effects blue does. It gives you plenty of options as far as furniture and decorations go while providing the same calming mood as blue does. Gray paint has also been said to create a more spacious feel in whatever room it’s applied, so, if your living room is a bit small or just feels a bit cramped, a nice gray paint job could help open it up a bit.


If you’re looking for a neutral hue that allows you plenty of creative freedom, few colors allow you to mesh your favorite colors together like beige. This natural color will allow both bright and dark colors to pop because it provides great contrast. Beige is a classic color for living rooms because it keeps the room bright while still allowing you to mesh a light couch with dark pillows. Painting also look great against a beige wall, no matter what artistic style you prefer.


Looking for something a bit more stylistic and edgy? Black paint has become increasingly popular among homeowners. A black-painted living room can help you turn a boring hang out spot into a statement. However, you’ll need to furnish and decorate your new trendy living room properly to avoid a dark and gloomy feel. Contrast your newly painted living room with light furniture and you’ll be surprised what effects a beautiful black finish can have on your favorite room in the house.


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