5 Tips to Choose the Right Paint for Your Home

There is more to picking out the right paint for your home than just deciding on a color. You’ll need to determine the sheen and finish that is best for your room, which brand to use, and whether you want to invest in low or no-VOC paint products. Use these five tips to help you choose the right paint for whatever home improvement or renovation project you are taking on next.

Decide on a Finish

One of the first steps you should take in picking the right paint for each project is to decide on the finish that will work best.

Flat or matte finishes are great at hiding imperfections, but they don’t generally clean well. So, they might not be a good choice for high traffic areas or homes with young kids or pets. Gloss finishes, on the other hand, are great for scrubbing and durability, but they’ll also show every little dip and bump in the wall. Save them for trim and decorative woodwork. In between these, you have eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss finishes.

Understand the Complexity of Color

Choosing the perfect color goes much deeper than deciding between yellow, red, or beige. Even a color like white that seems simple at first glance can have hundreds of shades and undertones.

Don’t panic, though. There are lots of tools to help you find the perfect shade for each room. Look for specially designed apps and web sites that allow you to upload a picture and envision the color in your space.

Try a Sample Patch

When you think you have finally found the right color, go ahead and buy a quart of it. Paint it on a square of a wall in your room. Don’t worry about being neat but do apply the same number of coats that will eventually go on the wall. Now, observe the color throughout the day. Now is the time to decide how it looks in your space and with your furniture.

Bring It Together

You will want to coordinate the wall, trim, and accent colors within each room. Consider tying the color scheme of your rooms together to make rooms flow seamlessly into one another. This is especially important in open floor plans.

Don’t Skimp on Preparation

Now that you are ready to paint, make sure you do all the necessary prep work. If you are unsure about the steps needed, seek advice or help from a residential painter in Bucks County to ensure your dream renovation comes out exactly as you pictured.

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