Choosing the Right Color for Your Business Interior

commercial painters bucks countyYour business’s interior color says a lot about your establishment. Unlike choosing a color for your home, where color is majorly preference, there is more to consider when choosing a color for the interior of your business.

Once you’ve settled on a stylistic direction for your business and established a budget, your next decision will be what colors to use to bring your vision to life and relay it to your customers. You can start by searching for images of businesses and rooms with a color scheme you like. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees, friends and family for their opinions as well.

If you’re struggling to find a color that you feel best represents you and your business, consider the effects that certain colors can have on your customers.

Best Colors for Your Business’s Interior

Blue: Blue is a neutral color used in many different types of businesses. Colors like deep navy and deep sea have a relaxing effect that are great for waiting rooms and doctor’s offices. Many business owners feel you can’t go wrong with blue and it’s hard to argue that they’re wrong.

Green: Green is also a neutral and calming color but can bring a bit more life to a room than some blues can. Green paint is common in retail stores and conference rooms, provoking an active and upbeat working environment.

White: White is also one of the most common colors used in business. Lobbies, corner offices, waiting rooms, white – and variations of it like cream and pearl – add to a room by allowing other objects and accents to take on a more prominent role. While white is one of the prettiest colors you can choose for your business, it’s also easily dirtied and requires extra maintenance.

Other Colors to Consider

Orange: While the above colors are popular in businesses, you may want to choose something a bit more unique to stand out. Orange is a color that provokes creativity. This makes orange a great idea for businesses who are involved in advertising, marketing and other creative spaces.

Red: While red is often avoided in business due to its association with anger, the right shade of red can bring life to your business. While bright red can be intimidating, using a lighter shade, or even a darker shade like maroon, can add a unique layer to your business.

Purple: Purple is another color that should be used sparingly. While purple is great for some businesses, it can be the wrong fit for others. Hotel lobbies, night clubs, casinos and boutiques are a few businesses that can pull off purple, while more professional spaces like medical firms and government offices are better suited for a shade that isn’t quite as loud.

Choosing the right color for your business’s interior is tricky but don’t let the hard decisions outweigh the excitement. Your business will look better than ever with its new paint job, especially with our professional commercial painters at First Place Painting.

Ready to give your business a new look or need help deciding on a color? Give us a call today and let’s get started!

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