Exterior Painting Trends That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

One of the simplest and most effective ways of boosting your home’s curb appeal is by changing the paint. The right paint color can highlight architectural features and differentiate your home from the other houses on the block. If you want to make your home look as stylish and well-maintained as possible, try out one of these exciting new exterior painting trends recommended to you by some of the best Bucks County painters.

Deep Trim

More and more homeowners are moving away from the traditional “neutral exterior with white trim” look. Instead, more homes are popping up with trims in sleek black, warm chocolate, or rich blues. This can be a great way to call attention to details like windows, porch railings, or shutters. It’s especially effective on historic homes like Craftsman bungalows or Victorian cottages.

Sunny Yellows

Did you know yellow is one of the exterior home colors most likely to result in a fast home sale? Yellow is a popular choice just because it gives such a warm and welcoming vibe. The key to painting a home yellow successfully is to stick to lighter, cooler, and more muted shades. This will keep your home from standing out a bit too much.

Bright Front Doors

One of the biggest trends in exterior painting right now is actually incredibly small. More and more homeowners are painting their door a bright color. This gives your home a fun little pop of color even if the rest of the property is in neutrals. Some particularly popular shades right now include aqua blue, lemon yellow, and glowing orange. You’ll be surprised at how big of an impact you can get by painting such a small part of your home!

Peaceful Blues

The blue shades that are trendy right now get their inspiration from the ocean. They are typically mid-range blues with a yellow or green tint to them. This gives the home a peaceful look while still providing plenty of bold color. Blue is an excellent choice because it is more colorful than basic neutrals, yet it is still fairly subdued.

Cool and Warm Color Combinations

When trying to pick the perfect combination for your door, trim, and exterior, a popular trend right now is combining a cool color with a warm color. Think of a sage green with brick red shutters, or cool grey siding with a bright yellow door. These sorts of color combinations are naturally pleasing to the eye while still providing a lot of visual interest.

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