Professional Painting Q&A: What Is an Epoxy Coating?

An epoxy coating is a thick, plastic-like substance that is stronger and longer-lasting than traditional paint. When combined with resin and hardener, a layer of epoxy creates an impenetrable surface for floors, walls, and machines. Our First Place House Painting experts will apply epoxies to any part of your home. Before you work with us, learn more about the profound benefits of using an epoxy.

What is an Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy, also known as epoxy resins, are prepolymers and polymers that are used to make plastics. Epoxy coatings are manufactured to be resistant to damages, including moisture, heat, and chemicals. Epoxy has everyday uses in many applications, such as:

  • Electronics
  • LED lights
  • Paintbrushes
  • Plastics
  • Glue adhesives

Epoxy coating is mainly used to coat metal for domestic, industrial, and automotive equipment. It is used as a primer for automotive paints to prevent rusting. Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Coatings (FBE) is designed to prevent rusting on steel pipes and fittings that are used by workers in construction or oil and gas businesses.

Epoxies are manufactured with a wide range of chemical and mechanical properties. Some forms of epoxy coatings contain high levels of thermal insulation. Other forms have high levels of electrical resistance for use in electronics.

Who Needs Epoxy Coatings?

Epoxy coating is designed to provide maximum resistance against external elements. It is resistant to very high temperatures; yet, the paints deteriorate after being exposed to UV radiation. Epoxy coatings are common in industrial settings but are also found in certain homes and businesses.

Epoxy coatings are found on decorative floors made of tile or terrazzo materials. Epoxy paints and coatings are seen on the floors of garages, patios, decks, and basements. Any homeowner wanting to renovate a floor should find services for epoxy and painting in Bucks County. Choosing a professional that has experienced work with epoxies will offer a better, long-lasting floor.

Why Use Epoxy in Your Home?

Epoxy coatings last longer, adhere stronger to the surface, and resist more damages than non-epoxy coatings. The coatings are either clear or colored due to tinted resins. To apply the coating, it’s necessary to mix the resin with the hardener. The coating cures without drying and has other properties that are not found in paint.

Improving the look and function of your flooring is simple when you use epoxies. An epoxy-coated concrete floor or an epoxy-coated deck creates a luster that lasts for decades. Your home will handle high amounts of traffic to and from different rooms. Consider the coatings while you contact the First Place painters and its experienced residential painters in Montgomery County, PA.

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