Stay Away From These Paint Colors

Choosing your interior or exterior paint colors can be both fun and overwhelming. This is an important decision because the right colors can bring your home to the next level and make your home stand out from the rest. However, choosing the wrong color can create an off putting appearance. Our Bucks County painters can help you decide on a color for your interior and exterior, however, we understand that sometimes you want to make that decision yourself. Here are some tips for interior and exterior colors to avoid when choosing your paint.

Interior Colors


While black furniture and accents can create a classy and timeless look, painting a whole room black will make you feel trapped. It’ll be too dark, creating a somber and unpleasant initial mood. If you like black, try working with greys instead, for a more subtle option.

Bright or Dark Purple

This is simply too bold for any room in the house. It’s a fun color in theory, but you don’t want to be surrounded by purple everywhere when you look around your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Its vibrant or dark shades may seem exciting at first, but it’ll eventually get old. If you enjoy purple, try a more calming light lavender hue.


Brown walls are no fun. They’re not light enough to be soothing or bold enough to be exciting. Painting your walls brown will create a muddy and unwelcoming appearance. However, beige or tan walls never go out of style. If you like brown and want your walls to have a timeless feeling, consider beige or tan.

Exterior Colors


While some people find pink sweet, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and will only appeal to certain people. For this reason, it may be difficult to sell your home if it has a pink exterior. Beige with a slight pink tint will be a safer option.


You don’t want your home to blend in with the grass in your yard, and this could happen if you choose green. Your front yard should compliment your home, not overpower it. However, blues are typically calming and relaxing.


Although some people like the idea of a bold house that stands out from the rest, it’s not a good idea to completely stand out from your neighbors. Red is excessively eye-catching and will draw too much attention to the point where your home will clash from the rest. Warm colors such as subtle shades of yellows or oranges will look more inviting.


Similarly to how it doesn’t work for interior walls, black doesn’t work for the exterior either. A house painted entirely black will seem intense to the point where it’ll look off putting. However, a black front door will look classically elegant. If you’re in need of exterior or interior painters in Collegeville, contact First Place Painting to transform your home!

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