Five Primary & Accent Color Combos Trending This Year

When thoughts of updating your home’s color schemes start, there is good news. Color combos for this year are a veritable treasure trove of choices.

Five color combs make it the top of the most popular color combo trends. These include:

  1. Muted pink and yellow
  2. White, muddy green, and a whisper of light grey
  3. Apple green with ivory accents
  4. Dusty pink and titanium grey
  5. Brown accented by tan and beige

It’s refreshing to note that in terms of primary colors like red, blue, and green, these color trends can be coordinated. For example, a sapphire blue exterior may be paired with vibrant red and offset in brightness by grey or white accents on windows and doors. There is also a return to blue and green combos such as dusty blue and avocado green.

Plan Ahead and Then Discuss with Painting Professionals

It’s important to plan your primary and accent color combos before you discuss your choices with residential painters in Bucks County or painting contractors.

You may want to consult with your Bucks County residential painters about color choices for interior and exterior paints.

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Custom Color Combos and Painting Services

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The best reason to rely on expert painting is that they are ready to assist with color combos that meet each customer’s particular preferences.


When you want specific paint colors for your color scheme and a custom paint service, contact First Place Painting. Start the new year with the color combos trending by updating your interior and exterior.