Old Home, New Hue: Strategies for Painting Historic Residences with Care

A common refrain from people who own old homes is that they are too worried to do anything substantial in order to improve their homes. The reason for this varies, but one of the common reasons is that they don’t want to decrease its historic value. The good news is that you can improve an old house without having to damage the integrity of its historical value! Celebrate the unique charm of your historic home while simultaneously modernizing it with a fresh coat of paint. 

Understand Your Home & Preserve Any Vital Features 

When working with any old home, it’s important to understand its history. Take into account the architectural style, period-specific color palettes, and original materials used before you apply a fresh coat of paint. These aspects will determine the best course of action! Another key consideration to make is preserving the original features as much as possible. Details like crown molding, trim, wainscoting, and built-in systems are a key part of the character of historic homes. The right shade of paint can enhance these features, but the wrong color choice can tarnish their significance. 

Carefully Choose Your Color Palette 

In order to maintain your home’s historical value, your color choices are paramount. If your home was built in a certain era, color schemes that reflect the time period tend to work best. Soft neutrals, muted colors, and earth tones are usually best for homes with historic value, but you can always defer to preservation experts and painting contractors in Bucks County.  

Faux Finishes & Woodwork 

Stippling, rag rolling, or faux marbling can add depth and texture to your interior walls. Especially appropriate for more traditional homes, these techniques can replicate the look of traditional building materials like plaster or stone. This type of texture adds depth and character to your space. 

Another stylistic consideration to make is with the woodwork in your historic home. Doors, windows, and staircases can be painted or refinished to modernize any out-dated styles. 

Paint Strategically 

As the best painters in Wayne, PA, when we are tasked with painting a historic home we carefully consider our strategy. By detailing our plan of action before making the first paint stroke, we ensure we’re properly highlighting architectural focal points and drawing attention to the unique features of your historic home. Oftentimes, this strategy includes incorporating an accent wall to generate contrast and visual interest. 

We also strategically choose the paints we use for your project, opting for high-quality and eco-friendly paint that is gentle on the surfaces of your home. Low-VOC or zero-VOC paints minimize environmental impact and provide long-lasting durability. 

Consult A Professional House Painter Today

If you live in a historic home in or around Bucks County and are searching for ways to modernize while maintaining its integrity, consider a professional painting service! Our experts are here to guide you through every step of the way. Get in touch with us today for an estimate!