In terms of paint, what should I do to prepare my home for the winter?

Painting is one of those things many homeowners usually don’t immediately think of until there are clear signs that some attention is needed. With the winter months arriving, it’s important to be mindful of any issues with your paint so you can focus on family gatherings and other activities with one less thing to worry about. Below, you’ll find some tips to consider when it comes to preparing your home for winter painting-wise.

Do a Visual Inspection

Before winter weather sets in, take a moment to do a visual inspection of your home’s painted surfaces. Make note of anything that stands out in a not-so-good way. This way you can be proactive about taking care of any painting issues sooner rather than later. Pay particular attention to:

• Weak or decaying paint

• Signs of fading, especially on surfaces exposed to a fair amount of sunlight

• Stains that cannot be easily removed without ruining the paint

See What Can Be Safely Cleaned

Hire a pro to clean the outside of your home, before taking on a painting project. Just because some painted surfaces are dirty or smudged doesn’t mean they can’t be cleaned. Professionals will avoid using any harsh cleaning products that could affect the paint itself.

Anything abrasive or ammonia-based will be avoided as well. Once they’ve cleaned all painted surfaces, our professionals will do another visual inspection. This is when they can determine if there are any surfaces that need more than just a good cleaning, or where new paint needs to be applied. 

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Check Your Gutters and Downspouts

If you have paint on your siding, having your gutters and downspouts checked out by a pro is key. Dripping water from downspout or gutter leaks can affect your paint, especially with the freezing and thawing cycles that typically occur during the colder months of the year. So, you’ll want to spot and take care of any gutter or downspout issues to protect your exterior paint. Damaged gutters and downspouts can also leave you with streaks and dirt on painted exteriors, which could take attention away from holiday lights or other things you normally add to your home in the winter.

We’re Ready to Lend a Hand!

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