3 Complimentary Paint Ideas For Dark Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of your home. You want it to look great. One of the easiest ways to get the look you want is with the right kind of paint. Paint is an easy, quick, and fun fix. Paint also comes in many colors. The ideal colors offer many benefits. It’s an easy way to add lots of light to any kitchen. It’s also an easy way to update your kitchen and your wonderful style.

Dove Grey and Navajo White

Dove grey is the color of the morning dew. It’s elegant, subtle, and relaxing. That’s why so many people find it ideal when they want to add something soothing to any space. The same is true of understated, bright Navajo white that provides plenty of welcome contrast. These are fabulous colors when you need and want a kitchen that allows you to show off the best features after your cabinet refinishing in bucks county.

Chocolate Brown and Tan

Another option that so many homeowners love is the use of chocolate and light brown. That’s because they make it easy to add a sense of movement in any space and yet still keep it light. Light and dark brown marry very well together as they are from the same color family. These are two also colors that say a lot and say it very well. They’re also lively hues that go well with the many types of design styles you have in mind. If you have a country French kitchen, you’ll find these are two colors that make it easy to bring on the rest of your French country furnishings. They also work well as a backdrop for touches like modern lighting and your artwork.

Lemon Yellow and Pale Green

Soft yellow and pale green are the colors of spring. These are two colors that are ideal when you really want a cheerier kitchen that invites company all year long. Use yellow as the primary color. Let it flow across the cabinets and the walls. It’s one color that will make you feel you’re outdoors every single time you look at your kitchen. The same is true of green. Green calls to mind wonderful thoughts like sitting outside in the sun with a cool drink. That is a great way to add light to a room that might otherwise feel dark. Add a floor rug that has a touch of another color such as pink or red for a hint of contrast. This is a wonderful color scheme for those who like the feel of the natural world in their indoor spaces.

Whatever color choices you pick for your kitchen cabinets right now, you’ll want to have professionals on your side to carry them out. That’s where we come in. We’re experts at what we do. Speak with us at First Place House Painting. We’re here to serve your entire painting needs in the Bucks County area today.