The Psychology of Color in Commercial Spaces: Choosing Paints for Productivity and Comfort

Color drives our daily lives, yet people still choose uninspiring shades of white and beige for their commercial interiors. On the surface, there are good reasons to use these colors in an office because they’re easy to maintain and don’t challenge the eye. But they can also be drab and boring, two emotional states that can also decrease productivity and the energy of your space. 

Changing the color of the paint in a commercial space is known to change the overall mood of the environment and improve productivity. Here’s a look at some colors to consider and give you a reason to call commercial painters in Bucks County to get started on the project.

Tips for Picking the Best Color for Your Commercial Space

Before you start looking at color choices, consider the fact that people spend a lot of time in the space and only leave for short periods of time. Bold colors can become tiresome to look at after a while, and defeat the purpose of using color to make the space more productive and comfortable. Focus on putting softer colors into the palette as you narrow down your selections. This will lessen the harshness of stronger colors and make the space a place people want to be while doing their work.

All colors have rules in terms of how they affect the environment and people. For example, reds are stimulating colors, but can be harsh on the eyes after a while. Blues can be dark and depressing, while yellow can be too bright. However, you don’t have to adhere to the rules when you use different tones and shades of these colors. Getting input from commercial painters in Montgomery County, PA, is also a good idea because they understand how color changes a room and how it affects the occupants.

The overall goal of your color choice is to make the room a place you want people to feel good about. Here’s a look at the best colors to use in a commercial space.


Yellow is another color that stimulates, but it’s also comfortable when done in shades of butter or has a touch of orange to make it deeper. It works well in medium-sized rooms with a lot of natural or artificial light. Avoid primary yellow as this can become distracting and make the occupants uncomfortable after a period of time.


Light blues mimics daylight, while dark blues create a soft, comfortable atmosphere that’s akin to a starry night. Darker blues work well in smaller rooms as it’s gentle on the eye and doesn’t overwhelm the occupants. Lighter blues are good for medium-sized rooms in order to create a positive and energizing atmosphere.


Green is a versatile color when it comes to creating a pleasant atmosphere. Adding a touch of gray to a medium green results in a frosty sage color that helps smooth over a bad mood and makes focusing on work easier. Most shades of green work well in most room sizes, but be mindful of the color intensity before you start the painting project.

Let First Place Painting Help You With Your Next Painting Project

At First Place Painting, we understand how color affects the perception of your commercial operation, no matter if it’s a storefront or office interior. Give us a call today and learn more about our expert painting services that start with helping you find a color that supports your business. We’re here to make your business look great and achieve the effect you’re seeking.