Best Paint Colors To Open Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is full of daily activities and is usually the heart of any home. Family and friends gather for just about everything from cooking, eating, dining and so much more. Update this important space and make it look more welcoming with a new paint color. You’ll be surprised at how a lighter color will instantly make your kitchen look and feel airier and more open. If you’re planning a home project that includes indoor house painting in Montgomery County, take a look at the best paint colors to open up and refresh your kitchen.

Soft White: A Timeless Classic

Soft white is an ideal paint color choice for a kitchen because it naturally reflects light creating a cleaner, brighter atmosphere. Whether your kitchen is small and closed off from other rooms or large and opens up to other living spaces, shades of white create a blank canvas for your appliances, countertops, backsplashes, and furniture. Every color combination is enhanced when your walls are white.

Light Gray: The Modern Neutral

If you aren’t sure white paint is for your kitchen, another lighter neutral that is growing in popularity for updating kitchens is light gray. Shades of light gray are calming and understated. Gray is also a sophisticated color that blends well with appliances, furniture, and other colors you may have in your decor. It offers a contemporary, modern look while visually opening up the space.

Soft Pastels Offer a Colorful Touch

If you enjoy a touch of color for your kitchen walls, soft pastels like mint, lavender, light yellow or even pale peach are great for making your kitchen breezy and cheerful. The softer colors actually become neutrals and will blend beautifully with your furniture and decor favorites while creating a space where your family and friends will want to spend more time.

Light Blue Offers A Coastal Effect

Light blues remind you of the beautiful sky and ocean and offer a serene, tranquil feeling. Lighter blue hues will also colorfully expand the space and make it look and feel bigger. Just like the sky and ocean, every color of the rainbow will complement blue coastal shades.

Creamy Beiges Create A Cozy Space

If you prefer a more warm and cozy paint color for your kitchen, creamy beige is a warm neutral that will add a touch of class to your space. There is an array of neutral beige paint shades that will complement other decor and furnishings beautifully. Whether you have windows in your kitchen or add light fixtures, creamy beige paint will enhance your entire space.

Sage and Olive Green Offer Organic Overtones

Similar to light blue paint, green shades, especially with yellow undertones like classic sage and olive, provide an openness thanks to their connection with nature. If you’re looking for a touch of color that offers an organic, earthy feel almost like a natural retreat this is the color option for you. Sage and olive will also complement other colors beautifully without clashing with existing appliances, furniture, and decor.

Tips For Adding Dimension and Contrast

  • Complementing Decor: Add more depth and dimension with decor that contrasts, yet blends in with your paint color selection.
  • Natural Light: Instead of dark window treatments, use lighter-colored shades, shutters, or toppers that allow the night into your kitchen.
  • Light Fixtures: Add light fixtures to brighten up the room. These could include overhead lighting, lamps, and decorative fixtures.
  • Mirrored Backsplashes: Mirrored backslashes will reflect light and visually open the space.

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