3 Ways DIY Power Washing Can Ruin Your Home Or Business

One reason you might decide to do something yourself is to save money and make your life easier, especially when needing to power wash your home or business before painting. But DIY power washing can actually do more harm than good. This can cost you extra money in damage to your exterior and interior and be a huge frustration when all you wanted was to make your home or business look nicer. Consider these three concerns of the potential damage of a DIY power washing before painting the exterior of your home or business. 

1. Window Destruction

Although your structure can likely withstand a power washer with a low PSI, higher pressures can cause window damage. Power washing can blast, shred, and destroy window screens, leak through window sills, and break double window panes. This can lead to rot problems and fogging between the window glass layers. After all of the money, you paid to have a nice house, destroying your home is probably the last thing you want. 

You’ll have to waste time, money, and effort on fixing your windows and screens or buying new ones. But if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can seek help by hiring experts. The right professionals can make your life easier and do an exceptional job at a fair price. 

2. Damages Exterior Paint

If you weren’t planning on repainting your home or business, power washing can remove paint and this would provide no benefit to you. You’ll be forced to repaint sooner than you anticipated. You’ll be stuck doing hard work and paying for extra paint. Besides this, if you removed lead paint, paint pieces could be scattered all over the place. This could be a cause for concern if children play in your yard and get into the dirt or lead into your garden soil and eat the plants. Further, the lead paint chips could spread to your neighbor’s house and cause unnecessary health problems. That is why experienced professional Montgomeryville painters should be hired to properly and safely take care of any damage to the exterior paint. 

3. Water Gets Into The House

The high water pressure exerted by power washing can force its way through door seals and windows. This means it can seep into your home’s interior and soak furniture, carpet, hardware floors, or even the attic. Besides this, you may even get water on your walls. This can happen if your home isn’t capable of withstanding such strong water pressure. 

Contact An Expert

Despite the fact you might think your home is durable, DIY power washing has a high potential of ruining your home. If not done by professionals, the water can easily get into your siding and soak through plaster, flooring, insulation, cavities, or wiring. Looking to spruce up your home with a safe and impactful power wash? Let the professionals at First Place Painting help. We are also painting contractors in Montgomery County, PA that ensure your project is properly completed. Contact us today!