How To Remove Mildew From Siding

We all love our homes, we want them to be clean and tidy so that they not only look great but so that they last. With siding, mildew and mold are more common issues than you might imagine. Knowing how to care for your home and remove and prevent mildew is key.

Removing Mildew 

The first thing that you need to know about removing mildew from siding is that it is porous and it does get mildew and mold that can make it change colors, make it look terrible, and that can even cause damage over time. There are a few ways to help remove mildew from the home, the first is to use power washing.

Our house painters in Harleysville also offer power washing services to keep your home looking its best. These services are going to be used to help prepare the home for painting before they get to work and also help with maintaining the siding. Power Washing is a great option if you have visible mold or mildew and you want to ensure that the siding is truly clean.

Power Washing is also a great first step to treating the siding to help keep mildew and mold from coming back. It can help remove the build-up, the large areas of mold, and mildew and can help treat your siding to help keep it looking great. 

You can get some great cleaners out there that specifically fight certain types of mold and mildew, or you can use just a diluted bleach solution to help kill the mold and mildew without having to do a ton of work. However, the surest way to keep your siding clean is through professional power washing.

Why Remove Mold and Mildew?

The first, and most obvious reason for removing mold and mildew from your siding is purely cosmetic. It helps make a home look well maintained and helps to make the home look better. With a home that is full of mold and mildew, it can look like your home is not well cared for.

Another reason is that mold and mildew can make breathing hard. 

Mold and mildew also have the potential to damage the siding and stain it. If you have mold and mildew that you have allowed to stay on the siding for too long, it can cause staining which can be impossible to remove. If you experience staining you will have to either have the siding painted to remove the stains or have it replaced entirely.

Taking the time to have the mildew and mold removed from your siding is worth it. Contact our experts today!