What 5 Paint Colors Brighten a Room Without Being Overbearing?

Bright paint can do wonders by lighting up a room and making it feel more spacious. However, certain shades can start to strain your eyes. Instead of feeling relaxed, you may start to experience a headache. If you want to brighten a room and avoid it becoming overbearing, here are five shades of paint to use.

1. Sky Blue

Nothing quite brightens a room like soft blues. Sky blue is a shade that mimics the calming blue sky outside on a cloudless day. While it’s still bright enough to make the room feel spacious and airy, it isn’t so bright that your head is complaining.

Sky blue also works well with several different colors. It can make planning the color of your furniture that much easier.

2. Blush

Various shades of red can be difficult to use. Red is that type of color that can easily become overbearing if you choose the wrong shade. Blush is a perfect balance between stunning color and brightness. It goes surprisingly well with other earthy tones, allowing you to tone down the brightness with browns and green plants if you need to.

When working with blush, it’s important that you receive high-quality paint. Professionals that provide indoor painting in Harleysville services can help you find the right one that’s bright and calming.

3. Soft Green

Green is another shade that can quickly go wrong if you choose the wrong shade. If you want a bright room that isn’t overbearing, then you need to choose soft green. Its light shade reflects the light beautifully without causing eye strain.

Soft green can also be paired with other earthy tones and dark blues.

4. Tan

If you love earthy tones, then you may want to consider tan. You’ll want to make sure that the shade of tan is the lightest one available. This shade gives your room a warm feeling as well as keeping it bright and feeling spacious.

Because it’s an earth tone, you can use practically any color for your furniture and flooring and have it match your walls.

5. Teal

Whether you want to give your home a coastal feeling or you just love having some color in your home, you need to consider teal. This blue-green shade is light enough to make a room feel bright. However, it’s just dark enough not to annoy you.

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